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Drug Charges

Drug Crimes are Prosecuted Aggressively

In Florida, mandatory minimum sentencing exists for those convicted of drug possession. While there are various types of drug charges, with varying conviction penalties, all drug crimes are typically prosecuted in an aggressive manner by the district attorney's office.

In larger cities such as Orlando and Tampa, the district attorneys are under pressure to be tough on those charged with drug possession, and especially those with "possession with intent to distribute" or with drug trafficking.

Seeking the legal advice and representation is the first thing you should do in a drug possession case.

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Degrees of Drug Charges

Drug Crimes involve illegal drugs, illegally obtained prescription drugs, or certain other chemicals. The degree of drug crime you are charged with typically depends upon:

  • The Type of Drug

  • Amount or Weight of the Drug

  • The perceived intention regarding the drugs, i.e. personal use, for sale, distribution, or trafficking

  • And sometimes, your prior criminal record

  • The most common drug crime charges in Florida include:

  • Drug Possession

  • Obtaining a controlled substance by fraud

  • Possession with intent to distribute

  • Drug Trafficking

  • Sale and / or Delivery

  • Attempted sale of illegal drugs or controlled substances

  • Possession of paraphernalia or manufacturing equipment

  • Distributing illegal drugs or controlled substances

  • Manufacturing and cultivation of drugs