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Prostitution Solicitation Charges

Solicitation of a Prostitute

Florida law makes it a crime to offer, agree to or engage in sexual activity for money. While first time offenses are often charged as misdemeanors, subsequent offenses may be charged as felonies.

Large cities such as Orlando engage in "sting" operations, where many prostitution solicitation arrests are made in a single night. Often, innocent citizens with no criminal history can find themselves accused and arrested for Solicitation of a Prostitute, having merely been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Being Charged without Committing the Act

The crime of solicitation of prostitution occurs at the moment a person agrees to pay for sex, and take some action to further that agreement. "Solicitation" involves encouraging someone to commit a crime. Therefore, one can be charged whether the crime has been committed or not.

Defending a Soliciting of a Prostitute Charge

If you've been accused of soliciting a prostitute, you may wish to schedule a free consultation with our firm. At our initial meeting, you'll learn your rights under Florida law, and begin the process of defending against all charges.

Prostitution Solicitation Consequences

Prostitution solicitation charges can result in the various consequences, some of which are serious, such as:

  • Fines

  • Community service

  • Jail time

  • Negative publicity

  • Impounding of the car used while soliciting a prostitute